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My entire life I have been drawn to supporting and helping others with various alternatives to the normal wellness modalities. During college when I encountered multiple sports injuries, my bodied manifested Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and I have suffered with severe pain, muscle and joint neuropathy. For years, I researched and tried various alternatives to manage pain. Throughout this journey, I found that not one modality solved it all; however, mind/body neurolinguistics programming (NLP) (BrainTap) and exercise (ballet, Pilates, foam rolling, and Yoga Meditation) all helped to tremendously resolve the pain. 

Several years ago a guy rear-ended my vehicle and I was severely injured.  The debilitating pain and stress that came from a torn hip and compressed disc - L4 on L5, caused me great pain. Wanting to avoid the possibility of more surgery, I reached out to my good friend and Naturopathic family doctor of mine, he recommended Light Therapy. After one session of light therapy, I slept through the entire night! Within two months, my hip was starting to heal according to X-rays and CT contrast radiographs. The more Light Therapy and NLP I did, the better I felt. Ballet and other activities were easier and I was pain-free and sleeping every night all night long. Light Therapy decreased my pain and inflammation, built up my auto-immune system, along with many other benefits.

Since Light Therapy, BrainTap, and DoTerra Essential Oils coupled with a wellness program helped to resolve my pain and restore my health and well-being, I decided I wanted to share these modalities with everyone because it has always been my belief that People get to be pain-free and have Abundance in Health, Wealth, and Mind-Body Well-being so that they can fulfill their life dreams.  Butterfly Effect.



1.Mind/Body Pain and health Management



4.Asthma and chronic auto-immune diseases

5.Chronic pain and Arthritis conditions

6.Stress Management

7.Lyme Disease and other Auto-Immune diseases

8.Addictions gone: weight loss, smoking, nail biting, etc…

9.Other health and wellness ailments and issues



Light Therapy (LT)

Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) BrainTap

Wellness/Nutrition Advocate

Teacher in multiple areas: ask if interested in classes and one-on-one coaching


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