Rolando Zevallos

Certified Qigong Instructor

Rolando has always felt the need to incorporate Qigong into his daily activities to increase his energy level, and thus improving the quality of his massages. It wasn't until recently that he realized that teaching Qigong he would be able to help many more people. This is why he brought it to Five Elements of Healing.

Rolando's Qigong style is a gentle practice of slow movements and attention to breath, which helps improve our immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system, etc.

Level 1

Learn the basic principles of Qigong and how it can improve your health. Become aware of the Qi inside and all around you, and allow it to flow.

Level 2

Once you have learned to feel the Qi you can now learn how to use it in different ways.

Requirements: AT LEAST 3 consecutive sessions of Level 1, and 1 session of Nine Breath Method.

Breath Empowerment

If you want to take your Qigong practice to the next level come experience one of the most intense classes that will allow to feel the Qi in every cell in your body. This breathing technique is by far one of the most powerful healing techniques!!
Requirements: Level 1

Nine Breath Method

With just 9 breaths you can improve your health dramatically, and in so many ways. Anxiety is reduced, circulation is improved, and optimal health happens at a cellular level! What if we told you that you can do it in 45 seconds? Try it for yourself and you just might be amazed.
This is a FUN class in a relaxed atmosphere, so come ready to let loose!
Requirements: Empowerment Breathing

Nine Breath Circle

The MOST powerful breathing technique which allows us to heal our body, mind and soul. Come and experience it for yourself... it will be truly unforgettable!!!
Requirements: Nine Breath Method

Level 1 Classes

Saturdays at 9:00am
$5 per person
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Level 2 Classes

$5 per person
Reserve your spot here

Breath Empowerment

1st Wednesday of every month
$10 per person
Reserve your spot here

Nine Breath Method

3rd Wednesday of every month
$10 per person
Reserve your spot here

Nine Breath Circle

(by invitation only)

One-on-One Qigong Classes available by appointment

$25 for 1 hour

(877) 825-8740 x 2

Contact Us:

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Concord, NC 28025

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